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Magnesium Foods

Health & Wellbeing As half the world’s population is deficient in Magnesium, is it any wonder that many of the negative health connotations associated with deficiency are so prevalent. These include muscle fatigue and weakness, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, hormonal regulation and sleep issues. Weight Loss If you want to lose weight, […]

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Calcium Foods

Calcium For Health & Wellbeing Calcium is one of 60+ vitamins and minerals that are required by the human body to keep us fit and healthy. When we think of calcium we automatically think of bone health, but calcium has many other extremely important roles to play in the body. Calcium For Fitness and Endurance […]

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Poached egg and smoked salmon sandwich

Prep and cook time: 20 min Difficulty: medium Cannot be frozen (4 servings) Ingredients: 4 very fresh eggs 2 (English) muffins, split in half and toasted 2 tbsp butter 1 handful baby spinach ( great for choline content )  leaves 125 g smoked salmon 3 tbsp sour cream, lightly whipped Method: Bring a wide pan […]

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Do You Have An Increased Carb Risk?

Carbohydrates are a combination of both small and large molecules that comprise about 40 to 45 percent of the energy supply for your body. Certain types of carbohydrates, such as fibre resistant starches don’t get absorbed into your body for energy, but play an extremely important role in your gastrointestinal tract, supporting digestion and absorption, […]

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Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 for Health & Wellbeing Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important to your health, and offer a variety of benefits to both your body and brain. Omega 3 can also help combat the pro-inflammatory response seen from diets higher in grains, vegetable oils and processed foods, which are all high in Omega 6 fatty […]

Glass noodle salad with shrimps

Prep and cook time: 30 min Difficulty: easy (4 servings) Ingredients: juice of 1 lime 2 tbsp fish sauce 2 tbsp sesame oil 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp water thumb-sized piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated 250 g | 1 2/3 cups cooked shrimp 175 g glass noodles 1 small red […]

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DNA Health


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Biological Age &
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