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Personalised DNA Outcomes

The dynamic app hyper personalises your results to provide you with hundreds of DNA result outcomes

Genetic markers analysed

The most comprehensive DNA health test available. We look at more genetic health markers (Snips) than anyone.

Products built for you

We have a DNA kit that suits your needs. Whether you want to just know your core health areas or if you want to enter the pioneering world of Epigenetics.

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DNA Health


Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.

DNA Transform


Go beyond genetics with Epigenetics. Track how your lifestyle affects your genes!

Face Analysis

£9.99 a month

By taking a photo of your face through the Muhdo app we analyse 12 key skincare factors through the latest AI technology such as hydration, skin tone, wrinkles and perceived skin age.


This provides you with a fantastic amount of information to help you improve your skins health and appearance.

Brain Training

£9.99 a month

Brain Training calculates the rate to which your brain and cognitive health are functioning based from a variety of brain games and your cognitive skills.


This will then provide you with an overall BrainCognitiveAge Score, which you can then look to improve through regular Brain training and exercises.