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What's In The DNA Health Kit?

The Muhdo DNA Health profile covers more ground than our DNA Lite kit. It goes beyond your core DNA results and looks at further Health Insights to help you improve your everyday life.

With Muhdo DNA Health you’ll also have the ability to access the workout planner that’s aligned to your genetic make up and a meal guide hyper-personalised to you with 100’s of recipes!

The Core DNA Reports

Carbohydrate response

Saturated fats response

Unstaurated fats benefit

Protein response

Sugar response

Overeating sweet foods

Bitter taste threshold

Snacking risk

Metabolic rate

Fat distribution

Yoyo diet response

Lactose intolerance risk

Caffeine sensitivity

Genetic bone mineral density

Genetic obesity risk

Genetic Type 2 diabetes risk

Genetic infection risk (colds/Flu)

Muscle power

Muscle stamina

O2 Usage

Anaerobic threshold

Recovery rate

Muscle mass

Injury risk

Inflammation response

Lean body mass

Power-to-weight ratio

Exercise effect on weight

Vitamin D

Vitamin A





Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12






BCAAs benefit

Choline benefit

Glutamine benefit

Creatine benefit

Beta-Alanine benefit

Arginine benefit

Health Insights


Eye Health

Gut Health

Heart Health


Mental Health

Muscle Health

Skin Health



Injury Risk

More To Come

Workout Planner

Just answer a simple questionnaire, choose your health goal and you’re on your way to a sustainable exercise routine.

Build your own schedule or let us take control. To ensure you reach your objectives as quickly as possible we’ve split the health goals into 4 simple areas that align with our customer’s focus.

health and wellbeing

weight loss

muscle building

fitness & endurance

Choose Your Optional Add-Ons

Upgrade your profile to include our most advanced DNA testing analysis and our On-Call Doctor service. Just make your choice at the checkout.

Epigenetic DNA Analysis

Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer epigenetic tracking to the consumer. You can now not only learn about your fixed DNA you can discover how your genes are influenced by your lifestyle and environment. 

Put into action the expert recommendations to actually lower your genetic age - your true cellular age!
  • Biological Age
  • Memory Age
  • Hearing Age
  • Eye Age
  • Inflammation
On-Call Doctor

Have you ever needed a doctor in the middle of the night or while you're abroad? Would you like to see a GP but not wait in line for an appointment to become available?

With the Muhdo On-Call Doctor service you can talk to a doctor wherever you are all day every day. All this at the touch of a button in the Muhdo mobile app.
  • Consult a GP via Message, Call, or Video Chat
  • Private Prescriptions & Open referrals
  • Unlimited, 24/7 contact with experienced GPs
  • Dedicated support from experienced clinical pharmacists
  • Access wherever you are in the world

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Video On-Call Doctor With Every DNA Kit Be Quick!

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