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If your DNA results have come out as Highly Beneficial you may want to consider these top 5 foods for the barbecue this summer!

Top 5 Creatine Foods

  1. Herring  3.5 grams per lb
  2. Pork  2.2 grams per lb
  3. Beef  2.0 grams per lb
  4. Salmon ( recipe )   2.0 grams per lb
  5. Tuna  1.8 grams per lb

Creatine is non-essential nutrient produced naturally in the body by 3 main amino acids Arginine, Methionine and Glycine. Creatine is stored within your muscle tissue and plays an important role in short-term energy when exercising. There are many positive health benefits to be gained from creatine other than the well-documented muscle building and performance related ones.

For instance creatine has been shown to lower both inflammation and cortisol levels, with both increasing the chances for tissue degeneration and ill health. In relation to exercise, creatine improves your body’s ability to perform at a higher intensity. Which allows you to train harder for longer to either increase muscle size or improve your performance, by reducing the onset of fatigue.

Rest & Recovery

Recovery after exercise can also be enhanced with creatine, as recent studies have shown that creatine helps to reduce muscle cell damage post exercise. It also blunts the effects of a variety of systemic inflammatory ( more about inflammation ) markers, which can lead to decreased circulation and tissue degeneration.

Another possible benefit of creatine consumption is “Osmosis” and causing the cells to super hydrate and swell. Placing the cell in a positive anabolic state, which will have less protein breakdown and enhanced DNA synthesis.

Vegetarians and vegans will have relatively low creatine levels, due to the fact that they don’t consume any animal protein sources. So supplementation would prove extremely beneficial to them, to optimise their health or training.

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