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    • Learn how your body recovers after exercise and if you’re gifted with above average muscle power. Whatever your health goal is, your Physical health DNA reports, together with our hyper-personalised plans and recommendations, will get you there.
    • Vitamins are critically important to your health and wellbeing. You will receive 12 reports detailing your specific health risks to being deficient in vital micronutrients, including iron and vitamin B12.
    • Sleep is essential for us. Discover how you sleep and what effects your sleep quality. Learn how to sleep better and improve your health and longevity.
    • Are you a warrior or a worrier? Discover how you deal with certain psychological strains and put in to action our expert recommendations to thrive depending on your genetic predispositions.
    • Supplements are a great way to add extra nutrients to your health plan. Your DNA report will highlight how your body responds to certain supplements, such as BCAAs and creatine.
    • Discover your genetic Type 2 Diabetes risk and your risk of developing high blood pressure along with other health risks. Put in to practice our expert recommendations to reduce any risks you may be genetically predisposed to.
    • Your DNA profile looks at many different areas in relation to your diet. From how your body responds to carbohydrates to your risk of being lactose intolerant, with many more in between.
    • Memory is essential as it allows us to learn, develop language, personality and relationships. Discover how your memory compares to your chronological age and track improvements with epigenetic testing.
    • Certain genetic components can accelerate hearing loss, find out how healthy your hearing actually is and track any improvements over time.
    • Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.
    • Your eyes are extremely complex and require a variety of nutrients to keep them healthy. Use Muhdo’s epigenetic test to find and track how healthy your eyes are.
    • Your inflammatory response plays an integral part in many of your body’s functions. It ensures you deal with infection or injury but can have a negative effect if your inflammation becomes chronic.
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