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Your challenge



Poor health is becoming an epidemic – we must start to focus on prevention, rather than just clinical solutions which are costly and may not address an underlying health issue.


The focus on inner health over external appearance sits at the heart of preventive healthcare.


Through genetic science, Muhdo Health can help at every stage of life from pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, adulthood to old retirement.


The problem


The decision problem that Muhdo addresses lies within what leads a person to be absent from work and/ or having to make a claim on their private medical insurance. These include:


• Stress, depression and anxiety

• Ailments and non-critical illness

• Non-contact (i.e. avoidable) physical

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Employer concerns

Improve workplace safety, health and wellbeing

Improve employee morale and engagement

Improve productivity by reducing employee absences and raising job performance

Attract and retain employees

Employers aim to create a workforce health strategy that will:


• Improve productivity

• Focus on health and wellbeing

• Save money; and

• Attract and retain talent


Investing in personalised, technology-based healthcare solutions while fostering a culture of wellbeing will help set employers apart, enabling them to build a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce.

The solution

The science of genetics is helping us to understand what the small differences in your genetic makeup mean.


Research has shown that your genes affect how you respond to your surroundings and experiences. Tiny variations can affect how your muscles form and behave, how your body uses the major food groups and whether you are likely to lack certain vitamins or minerals due to poor absorption.


This is why genetic testing is becoming increasingly popular as a preventive healthcare solution. A genetic test is very easy to do. All that Muhdo requires is a saliva sample. Your whole genetic story will be in your sample. The sample is analysed by our laboratory and then experts in sports science, nutrigenomics and health, who understand all the current research, interpret the results for you.

Embracing digital health

When asked specifically about digital health solutions, more than three-quarters of senior decision makers surveyed believe solutions will have a positive impact on staff energy levels, and nearly six out of ten believe they will help them retain staff.


Nearly a third of HR decision makers consider themselves to be innovators when it comes to technology adoption, while another third classify themselves as early adopters.


Employers are increasingly recognising that wellbeing apps and tools can improve the experience, health and happiness of their workers.

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Employer concerns - answered

Employers cited the following reasons for not investing in digital health.


• More important priorities

• Difficulty in calculating ROI

• Data security

• Complexity of administration


The Muhdo solution addresses the perceived issues employers face with digital health.


Bridging the gap


How much do you feel your company cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees generally? The below graph shows that over 70% care a great deal.

Worker attitudes


Two-thirds of workers reported being more confident in digital health and wellbeing solutions that are promoted by their employer.


Nearly two-thirds of workers say they are willing to share their personal health information if this will ensure that they receive the highest quality medical care. Workers can be clustered into four distinct segments based upon their attitudes towards health innovations and their likelihood of staying with an employer offering these solutions.


1. Sign me up (21%)

2. Impress me (16%)

3. Get me comfortable (29%)

4. Not for me (4%)

How many companies care about the health & wellbeing of its employees?
How likely is your company to invest more in digital health over the next 5 years?
n.b. All these statistics are from the Mercer Marsh Benefits ‘Health On Demand’ Global Report February 2020.

How is Muhdo the answer?

Muhdo can boast an array of extensive scientific research papers to back up our health, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Outlined below is the number of peer reviewed medical papers, published by the top universities and research institutions in the world that have been used in our research and algorithms to generate genetic outcomes and health recommendations:

• Over 1,500 Genetic Research papers


• Over 600 Nutritional Research papers


• 80 Training, Strength & Conditioning papers


• 20 Epigenetics & Biological Age papers that are used in our epigenetics product, with an additional 2,992 published medical papers that outline the importance of biological age as an early indication to poor health

How can Muhdo help your business?

Muhdo integrates health and wellbeing at the organisational level. While at the personal level, Muhdo considers all the following risk factors that can lead to poor worker health:


• Physical
• Psychological
• Social
• Occupational
• Lifestyle


Muhdo provides a fully interactive preventive and curative solution, available 24/7 with no requirement for internal management. We avoid the trap of a ‘one-off’ perk, so the worker is able to measure results and deliver outcomes in real time.


A genetic health profile addresses a range of personal risk factors that include excess weight, inactivity, issues associated with ageing, nutrition and emotions.


Our engaging genetic health insights provide motivation for reduced reliance on clinical interventions and medication, together with lessening the pressure of worker sickness absence and associated costs.

Muhdo 24/7

How it helps the worker

Phone app screen

Make a positive difference to workers by enabling them to take control of their health and improve their wellbeing. Their genetic profile is completely personalised to them and they can process the results at their time and pace.


Generate an autonomous and motivated culture by empowering workers to be in control of their own health while also providing a platform for social engagement that workers can use to discuss, compare and even compete through.


Let the product work for your employees and let them address health issues before they arise, or rectify areas of concern with our On-Call Doctor feature. The Muhdo genetic profile helps individuals live younger for longer.

How it affects the bottom line

The data we provide is fully transparent and measurable, giving you a unique insight into your genetic health. Hyper-personalised genetic information answers the problem of intervention to promote prevention.


Management processes are simplified by incorporating the decision problem of health at an organisational level – allowing more efficient use of staff time.


Positive ROI is achievable when supported by Muhdo’s BI and MI to address business concerns on productivity improvement, lost work time, sourcing cover, sick pay, demotivated workforce and the cost of presenteeism.

Worker Vs Employer

Risks and benefits

About Muhdo Health

Muhdo is a genomics company that offers DNA and epigenetic profiling. While you are born with a fixed genetic makeup which can be analysed using our simple DNA saliva test, we can also analyse your epigenetic gene expression over time through periodic saliva testing.


This enables us to calculate an extensive range of trackable areas including your biological age, hearing, memory, eyesight and inflammation.

The APPG for longevity


Muhdo is proud to sponsor and assist The All Part Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Longevity. The APPG for Longevity was put together to address scientific, technological and socio-economic issues concerning Britain’s ageing demographic.


Living the healthiest life possible is at the core of what Muhdo is striving for through accurate, actionable and accessible genetic health analysis.

DNA and Epigenetics combined with
lifestyle markers

Muhdo is able to understand how your day-to-day diet affects your body at a cellular and genetic level through the science of nutrigenomics. We do this by combining your DNA profile, which stays the same over time, together with a process called epigenetics, which refers to the changes in your gene expression. This is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment


By utilising your mobile phone to collect key lifestyle data and periodic saliva samples, we can measure your epigenetic gene expression. We can then both monitor and improve your inner health over time by providing you with hyper-personalised health, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations aligned to your genetic profile and your health goal.


Understanding your genetics can help improve your mental health enabling you to enhance your cognitive function, creativity, working memory and reading comprehension. Muhdo can also help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, illness and even prevent injury based on your genetic code.

Why choose Muhdo?

At Muhdo we’re committed to giving you the most comprehensive DNA profile available with our accurate, state-of-the-art laboratories and science. We do this by analysing 1,000 snips (genetic variants) and providing you with over 300 reports tailored to your DNA. We don’t look at your ancestry as we believe that your future health is more important. Whatever your health objective is our interactive app will give you all the information you need right at your fingertips!


Muhdo is with you every step of the way, helping you reach your health goal; from weight loss, building muscle, fitness & endurance to general health & wellbeing.

Robust BI and MI solutions to track real time ROI

Affordable, easy to use, effective and customisable

Personalised digital health to empower workers

We take workplace health and wellbeing seriously

Anonymised data straight to management

Achievable ROI through employee health benefits

Choose what's right for your business

We have a variety of options that we feel are right for any business no matter what size or sector. If you’re serious about your employee’s health and wellbeing we are here to help. We’ll be happy to talk you through the solution that is right for your organisation to get the most out of your workforce.

DNA and Epigenetics covers the basics of what Muhdo offers. Although it is just the basics, your employees will be receiving the most personalised health recommendations available and you will have access to detailed BI and MI reporting.

Together with all the benefits of genetic health analysis Option 2 allows your workforce to have access to an On-Call Doctor 24/7/365. A doctor at your fingertips removes the stress of making appointments and arranging time away from work.

On top of our DNA and Epigenetics solution with On Call Doctor you will have access to:


Physiotherapy and sports Injuries – assessment and treatment via telephone and video calling
Corrective exercise/Sports Therapy – assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions via telephone and video calling
Functional Rehabilitation – an evidenced based alternative to many musculoskeletal conditions and available on a 1-2-1 basis or group sessions
Counselling and CBT – assessment and treatment via telephone, on-line, supported on-line and video calling
Nutrition – assessment and guidance on nutritional influences on conditions such as: digestive disorders; chronic conditions; stress, anxiety and depression that can be caused by food; and musculoskeletal disorders that can be aggravated by food and drink

To discuss your requirements further please contact Nathan Berkley Muhdo’s CEO:
01473 232428

Muhdo's genome solution


Muhdo works with Illumina, the global leaders in genome sequencing. Illumina has been enabling researchers to unlock the secrets of the genome – the software code for life – for more than 20 years.


Their focus is on transformational technologies that redefine what is possible in science and technology.


• Oncology
• Reproductive health
• Rare and diagnosed genetic diseases
• Microbiology
• Agriculture
• Molecular and cell biology

Global investment


Illumina is at the epicentre for global investment in genome sequencing for governments and private businesses alike.


White House Initiative for Precision Medicine – $215M invested


China’s Precision Medicine Initiative – $10B over 15 years


Genomics England – Sequence 100,000 genomes over 4 years


France Investment in Genome Sequencing – $745M to build 235,000 genomes per year

Muhdo's lab partner



Eurofins offers unrivalled global reach and competence and is the global leader in the bioanalytical testing market. They have 800 labs across 50 countries, conducting over 150 million arrays each year.


Genotyping is performed at Eurofins Genomic’s high throughput genotyping facility in Denmark – Europe’s most experienced microarray lab.


Eurofins has over 20 years experience working in a highly regulated market. They are fully GDPR compliant with a fully dedicated QA genotyping manager. This means you know that you are getting the very best results from the samples that are processed.



The global scale of Eurofins Genomics mirrors the nature of the DTC market – 7 major production sites in Europe, USA and Asia.


The industry standard and flexible setup of Eurofins allows total optimisation of sample flows. This means that Eurofin’s labs are consistently working at a capacity that allows partnerships to build at scale.



Eurofins logo

Our partners

Below are just some of the companies we work with. We are partnered with a varied range of businesses, from health trusts to a leading global provider of employee health. We’re positive that we can help your workforce too. 

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