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Andrea Thompson

World’s Strongest Woman

When Andrea was asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, they both decided to lose weight for the big day by joining a crossfit gym. Andrea enjoyed the weight training at the gym and discovered she had a real talent for it. Deciding to take it a step further Andrea got the help of a coach and signed herself up for Britain’s Strongest Woman – only six weeks away…

Andrea came third in her first ever competition which inspired her to ramp up her training and get more serious. Since then Andrea has won Britain’s Strongest Woman three times and is the current World’s Strongest Woman.

Andrea takes all this on while working full time and bringing up 2 young daughters. Time is precious for Andrea and Muhdo helps her train smarter so she’s at the top of her game during training and events.

Career Highlights
2018 World’s Strongest Woman: Winner
2016 – 2018 Britain’s Strongest Woman: Winner
2015 Britain’s Strongest Woman: 3rd Place

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