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If your genetic data shows that you have a gifted VO2 max it means you can get a large increase in oxygen usage as a result of aerobic training compared with those who do not share the gifted gene variants.

What is VO2 Max?

High VO2 max increases the availability of oxygen around the body and allows for greater replenishment of energy before fatigue sets in; professionals in endurance sports require this trait. High VO2 max is very relevant to general health and is useful in the capillarisation of muscles, which can also affect the more “vascular” look that is sometimes sought by bodybuilders.
Supplementing arginine will help exploit your oxygen uptake further, and therefore if you want to improve this aspect, it may be a worthwhile supplement.

Influences On VO2 Max

Besides from genetic factors, three other components have a large influence on VO2 max:
Age – Although it varies greatly by individual and training programs, in general VO2 max is highest at age 20 and decreases nearly 30 percent by the age of 65.
Gender – Many elite female athletes have higher VO2 max values than most men. But because of differences in body size and composition, blood volume and haemoglobin content, a woman’s VO2 max is in general about 20 percent lower than a man’s VO2 max.
Altitude – Because there is less oxygen at higher altitudes an athlete will generally have 5 percent decrease in VO2 max results with a 5,000 feet gain in altitude.

How To Improve VO2 Max

There a few simple methods to improve your VO2 max, such as yoga and breathing exercises. These allow for greater lung expansion, they are also great for relaxation and pose little risk to a person.
Keep hydrated, this is important for life in general; dehydration leads to a lower stroke volume, which leads to a decline in VO2 max.
Training your heart, seems simple enough, anything that gets the heart pumping will lead to adaptations that will have positive effects upon VO2 max.

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