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A quick and easy saliva test

All it takes is 4ml of your saliva and Muhdo can unlock your complete genetic analysis. Your Muhdo DNA profile gives you expert recommendations every step of the way based on your genetic health reports.


Access your Genetic Action Plan to get your specific health risks and deficiencies. Take control of your DNA and see the improvements.

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Your health is critical

During these uncertain times how you look after your health becomes ever more important. What you eat, how you sleep, exercise, recover and even deal with certain situations can all be analysed and improved.


Looking after your genetic health can hold the key to longevity, boosting your immune system and being the healthiest version of you.


Don’t leave it too late!

Now is the best time to boost your body’s natural resilience to infections.


Discover your potential nutritional deficiencies and make sure your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs. Find out your genetic health risks and put in to place actions to halt them. Get to know 53 additional health insights such as mental health, gut health, eye health and many more!

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DNA Health Profile


Take your health seriously with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic risks – all delivered to the Muhdo app.  Results are calculated for 115+ health areas included 18 different vitamins and minerals.  The app also includes a DNA Diet, Genetic Action Plan and a Training Area featuring 100’s of exercises and workouts to help improve your health.

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Epigenetics + DNA Test


Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it.  Find out the true age of your eye sight, memory and hearing.  Calculate your pro-inflammation, anti-inflammation and overall inflammation scores.  Track your genetic health. Includes a full DNA analysis.  Results in 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of sample.

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+ Compare Kits

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