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So, what is epigenetics?



1. upon.
2. above.
1. the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

Your inherited characteristics get written/marked upon, like adding corrections to some text. Then changes happen to you....

That's Epigenetics.

What Would Have An Impact On My Genes?

Simply put, your lifestyle and environment.

For instance....


How is the air quality in your area?
Walk or cycle to work?

Do you work in a pollution heavy environment?

Maybe you live in the fresh air of the countryside?


What do you eat and drink?
Does your lifestyle force to eat on the move?

Too tired to cook when you get home?

Vegetarian, vegan or carnivore?


How do you manage your stress levels?
Are you able to take time to decompress?

How's your work/life balance?

Mindfulness, yoga, exercise?

And what could the effects be?

The above factors could change your eyesight, memory, hearing, your biological age and even your inflammation response.

With muhdo epigenetics you get reports on All These Aspects...

Eye Age

If something in your environment is affecting your eye-sight you might be able to make a change to avoid it.

Hearing Age

There might be external factors doing damage to your hearing that you can remove from your life. Our report could highlight them.

Memory Age

Maybe you've noticed your long or short term memory getting worse. It might be that changes to your life could slow the degradation.

Biological Age

The human aging process is very much a product of our environment. Our Epigenetics report will show alterations to yours that could have impactful consequences.

Inflammation Response

The body's inflammation can both help and hinder recovery from injury. Our report will teach your about how your response is affected by what's going on around and inside you.

The world's first DNA analysis powered by epigenetic science


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Upgrade to the world's first DNA analysis powered by epigenetic science

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