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What is Muhdo?

Trusted by the most elite athletes internationally, Muhdo is a DNA test-kit that doesn’t care about your ancestry. Instead – we look at your overall health and guide you through your unique genetic makeup in a hyper-convenient mobile app to live a physically, and mentally optimised life.

What’s in it for you?

Industry-leading commission and perks like Muhdo to use for yourself for free so you can share your journey with your followers.


What’s next?

Submit your contact information with your Instagram page and we’ll send you details for a webinar to learn more about Muhdo and the process to get you a unique link to sharing with your followers.

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    Meet some of our elite ambassadors

    Nathaniel Wood

    Professional MMA Fighter

    Helen Glover

    2 x Olympic Gold Medal Winner

    Eddie Hall

    World’s Strongest Man 2017

    Andrea Thompson

    Britain’s Strongest Woman

    Helen Davies

    Team GB Long Distance Runner

    Sam Quek

    Olympic Gold Medal Winner

    Ash Grimshaw

    Professional MMA Fighter

    Kookie Katana

    UKUP Regional Champion