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DNA Health Tests

One easy saliva sample gives you access to the most conclusive DNA health profile available!

Discover your biological age and take control of your genetic health.

DNA Lite

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Your entry into the world of DNA for health. Discover what makes your body unique and use our DNA Action Plan to make the changes you need!

DNA Health

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You get everything in DNA Lite as well as


  • 60+ additional Health Insight
  • DNA-aligned workout planne
  • Access to the My Training Area including a huge library of video guides

DNA Transform

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Our complete genetic wellness solution. Discover all you can about your genetic health makeup then go one step further! Epigenetics allows you to track how your lifestyle and environment affects your genes. Use our expert recommendations to reverse cellular ageing and discover these reports:


  • Biological Age
  • Eye Age
  • Memory Age
  • Hearing Age
  • Inflammation


Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.


Take your DNA further with more insights and more real life recommendations.


Go beyond genetics with Epigenetics. Track how your lifestyle affects your genes!

Your DNA Reports

Your saliva sample is analysed by our custom technology where we look at 1,000 genetic areas and provide over 300 DNA outcomes – more than any other DNA health profile. We report on 5 core health areas with an additional 12 Key Health Insights.


Caffeine Sensitivity
Genetic Bone Mineral Density
Genetic Obesity Risk
Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Genetic Hypertension Risk
Genetic Infection Risk (Cold/Flu)


Saturated Fats
Unsaturated Fats
Sugar Response
Sweet Taste
Bitter Taste
Likelihood to Snack
Metabolic Rate
Fat Distribution
Yoyo Diet Response
Lactose Intolerance Risk


Muscle Power
Muscle Stamina
O2 Usage / VO2 Max
Anaerobic Threshold
Muscle Mass
Lean Body Mass
Power to Weight
Exercise Effect on Weight


Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

Supplement Response

BCAAs Benefit
Choline Benefit
Glutamine Benefit
Creatine Benefit
Beta-Alanine Benefit
Arginine Benefit

PLUS 12 Key Health Insights

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A World's First!

Muhdo is at the forefront of direct to consumer epigenetic science. Epigenetics allows you to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment affect your genes. 


Using progressive Epigenetic science our advanced bioinformatics can calculate your exact age, and our experts can recommend ways to improve your health based on your results. Would you like to reverse the ageing process with an epigenetics test?

Your Custom Health Solution

Access an experienced GP all day, everyday with our On-Call Doctor. Just add it on to your DNA or Epigenetic kit at checkout and never get stuck in the waiting room again!

Include On-Call Doctor to any of our kits for just £19.99/month

Meet Our Experts

Our experts are leaders in their fields. They are the brains behind the science, and they are constantly researching new and exciting areas to share with you. Follow the link below to read more about them.

Dr. Tanya Petrossian, PhD

Epigenetics Clinical Lead

Christopher Collins, MSST, CISSN

Head of Physiology

James Brown, BSc

Co-Founder and Nutrigenomics Director

Dr. Richard Siow, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Our Lab

We understand that you have given us the responsibility of analysing your DNA, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Your saliva sample is in safe hands as soon as you send it back to us. The process of analysis and storage is undertaken by global leaders in bioanalytic technology who undergo strict quality assurance protocols.

How Does It Work?

We do not collect any blood from you, so there are no needles involved. All that is needed from you is a small saliva sample that you send back to us in a pre-paid envelope.


Choose the kit that’s right for you and follow these simple steps to begin your health journey.

Download the Muhdo app & follow the onscreen instructions
Provide A Sample
Use the instructions in the kit to provide your saliva sample
Post Your Sample
Post your sample back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided
All Done
You’ll receive your results in 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

Trusted by Elite Athletes

Muhdo is trusted by elite athletes, Olympians and professional sports people to improve their performance and their overall wellbeing. Discover how a simple saliva analysis can unlock your genetic gifts

Where We’ve Been Featured

Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer commercial epigenetic tracking. Being at the forefront of health science means people want to talk about us.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Longevity was put together to address scientific, technological and socio-economic issues concerning Britain’s ageing demographic. Muhdo is proud to sponsor and assist The APPG for Longevity.


Muhdo’s DNA profiling looks at a particular subset of 1,000 genetic areas specific to human health. From this analysis of your saliva sample we can provide over 300 genetic health reports. Your genetic makeup does not change over time. Epigenetics essentially controls the behaviour of your genes. Your genetic makeup is your blueprint at birth, your epigenetics can be changed through your lifestyle. Epigenetic tracking allows you to have never before insights into your Biological Age, as well as your Hearing, Eye, Memory and Inflammation Health. We’ll also give you expert insights in how to improve these results so when you provide more samples you can actively see improvements over time!
3-4 weeks. Muhdo has the most advanced and comprehensive analysis of any genetics health and fitness company worldwide, so it takes a while. We are working hard to get our turnaround time down so check when ordering. Epigenetics tests take a little longer due to the complex science involved.

In the event that your sample is lost in transit, we are happy to send you a replacement kit free of charge. Should you suspect, that your sample was never received by us, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. This might be the case, if you have not heard anything from us within 2 weeks after sending your sample back to us. In case of more than 2 lost samples, we might ask you for an alternative address to send the replacement kit to.

All our customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First our customers are anonymous to us in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock their data, and have it displayed on their private health dashboard. Secondly all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So, if anyone were to capture our data it would be both anonymous and encrypted. Thirdly we store customer genetic data on our secure AWS servers. Finally, we are compliant with the highly stringent European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Muhdo’s DNA profile looks at 1,000 genetic areas (SNPs) and provides over 300 reports based on your genetic makeup. The most conclusive DNA profile available today and more than any other DNA profiling offer. Our product is driven by global leaders in the fields of genetics, nutrition and physiology. This expert input is shown through your DNA results and in the Muhdo mobile app. Your mobile app includes FREE a DNA aligned workout planner and specific nutrition guide with meal planners. Muhdo is also the first company in the world to bring Epigenetic tracking to the consumer, making it possible for everyone to track their internal health at a genetic level. With epigenetic tracking you will learn your biological age and how to improve it – keeping you young on the inside. You’ll also receive a FREE DNA health profile.

Security By Design

Your data is anonymised, encrypted and stored on our secure servers. We use unique ID numbers and encryption to ensure your data can never be stolen.

Our mobile apps are supported by a web based enterprise application to administer customer accounts. All of this data is 256-Bit encrypted at rest and end-to-end in the Muhdo platform. All external integrations with our lab partners for distribution and raw data processing/transfer are encrypted with the relevant API tokens.

DNA Lite


DNA Health


DNA Transform



Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.


Take your DNA further with more insights and more real life recommendations.


Go beyond genetics with Epigenetics. Track how your lifestyle affects your genes!

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