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What is a DNA health profile?

It is essentially a DNA test that looks at the genetic variants specific only to your health.


Your genetic makeup plays a hugely significant part in your health and wellbeing and it could hold the key to many of your health issues.


What does a DNA profile include?

Our DNA health profile look at 1,000 genetic markers and provide over 300 reports specific to you! This is more than any other DNA health profile available.


With a DNA Health Profile you’ll also have access to:

The 5 core health areas covered

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Further health insights

We get right into your DNA with more health insights. You’ll have the ability to analyse everything from stress to anti-ageing – and everything in between!


Benefit from expert recommendations based on your genetic makeup that guide you to a healthier self.

FREE Workout Planner

You DNA kit includes access to a hyper-personalised Workout Planner that is aligned to your DNA sample.


No matter what your health goal is, you’ll be guided by our expert training sessions built just for you. Just follow the videos in the mobile app – Take control of your DNA!

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FREE Meal Planner

Your DNA results have highlighted your macronutrient breakdown and any nutritional deficiencies – now is the time to take action!


With 100s of recipes at your fingertips, you can use the app to plan your meals for the whole week. Take the pressure off eating healthily and pick up the Muhdo app.


FREE Training Video Guides

Warm up / Cool down

Here you’ll be shown different exercises for foam rolling and static and dynamic warm up and cool down stretches.

Injury prevention

Use the workouts designed here or select certain exercises for injury prevention or rehab.


Access a different range of activities so that you have other options than gym or sport, such as yoga and functional training.

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How to get a FREE Muhdo DNA test…

Every Biological Age & Epigenetic Profile comes with a free Muhdo DNA kit (worth £119.99)!


Get to discover and improve your epigenetic health – a world’s first! – while also having access to the most conclusive DNA health profile available at no additional cost!


DNA Health Profile


100+ health reports from 1,000 analysed genetic markers. Includes Workout Planner and Meal Guide aligned to your DNA. 4 dynamic health objectives to help you achieve your goals. All in a unique mobile app.

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Epigenetic (DNA Transform)


Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it. Unlock the secrets of your inflammation, eye, hearing and memory health. Track your genetic health. Plus, a FREE DNA profile!

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+ Compare Kits

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