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Corporate Wellbeing

We believe corporate health, productivity and employee wellbeing is in large part in the DNA of employees. And progressive companies who recognise this can benefit from anywhere between 800 – 1000% return on investment*.

Watch the video below to see what Nick McClelland Commercial Leader for Mercer has to say about his own experience with Muhdo’s DNA profiling.

Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure. Private health care and medical screening packages are important but are expensive and don’t really get to the core of the issue. Employee health; Isn’t it better to help, inspire and support employees to be healthy and highly productive, to prevent them getting ill in the first place? Of course it is. Genetics is at the foundation of our health, wellbeing and performance; physical and mental. With mental health playing an ever-increasing role in corporate health, genetic based programs have a fundamental contribution to make.

Muhdo Health has partnered with some of the largest corporate benefits providers to design bespoke corporate well being programs founded in genetic profiling. We can also design a powerful corporate diagnostics dashboard based on anonymised data of the genetic health and gifts of the employee base. This enables the company to design health initiatives bespoke to the real needs of the employees.

The results can be game changing. Productivity improved by 37%, creativity 28% and employee pride in the employer up by as much as 70%**.

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* Research conducted by J&J and Harvard Business Report

** JLT Research