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BCAA and Muscle Building

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There are 3 main reasons as to why you’d look to take a BCAA supplement. Energy Energy, reducing muscle breakdown during training or Protein synthesis for recovery/muscle growth If you are looking for some extra energy whilst you train then BCAA’s can be used, but BCAA’s are not utilised in a very efficient way. [...]

Can you be a better cyclist by looking in to your DNA?

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What exactly are some of the world’s best cyclists using now to outperform the their peers, whilst maintaining their health throughout the year? Well, simply put, it all comes down to your DNA, which could hold the secret to unlocking and improving your health and performance. Genetic blueprint Our genetic blueprint determines how the [...]

How Bad For You Really Is Pollution?

2019-08-14T06:48:29+00:00Categories: Health and Wellbeing|Tags: , , , |

Living and working within the City can prove to be extremely detrimental to your health and wellbeing. As your health will obviously not only be influenced by the foods which you choose to eat each day but also by your body's ability to remove waste products and toxins known as 'xenobiotics' from your body. [...]

Can A Personalised Fitness Plan Improve Your Health?

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Some people seem to lose weight effortlessly, while others have to work hard to stay in shape. Equally, some people have no problem building muscle mass, enduring gruelling workouts or tolerating pain. It all comes down to DNA, the secret to unlocking your body’s performance. Simply put, Muhdo’s DNA test determines how our body [...]