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The majority of people at some point in their lives have or will suffer from back pain. It can be anything from a minor discomfort to a chronic debilitating injury. We’ve listed 7 ways to help ease any lower back pain you or someone you may know.

1. Lay on your back with your feet up on a pillow, put a thickly rolled towel in the small curve in your lower back. DO this everyday for at least 10 minutes. Doing this allows your back to regain it’s natural curvature and can release sciatic related pain as well as muscle strains.

2. Use heat NOT cold for the lower back, especially if the injury is chronic. Heat brings blood to the area and can help speed healing, cold may cause spasms and in chronic conditions is not much use!

3. If you sleep on your side put a pillow in between your legs, this allows your vertebrae to go into a more natural state. Doing this can release nerve impingement and may help prevent it in the future.

4. When bench pressing use a towel in the small of your lower back, the towel put a natural curve in the lumbar area of the back which allows you to lift without fear of straining the back muscles.

5. Don’t stay sat down for any longer than 30-40 minutes, always move around.

6. Always get down on one knee when picking anything up from the floor, arching the back to lift off the ground is one the biggest causes of back injury!

7. Do push-ups. Lots of push ups. When you become great at doing push-ups you will never have to do any planking exercise ever again.

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