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Meet Tom Stoltman

Scotland's Strongest Man

Tom Stoltman is 25 years old, standing at 6’8” and weighing in at 342lbs, making him one of the larger strongman competitors. Tom is known as “The Albatross” due to his huge arm span – 81 inches, 6’9”.
His size, he says, makes the Atlas Stones event his favourite. Whereas, due to the distance, squats aren't really his thing.

More On Tom Stoltman

Tom was inspired to begin his weight training after he went his older brother, Luke, to his gym. This inspiration led Tom to take up strongman events seriously and he has been guided ever since by his big brother.

Personal Record

In Competition

Scotland’s Strongest Man: Winner
Britain’s Strongest Man: 2nd place
World’s Strongest Man: 5th place
Atlas Stone World Record: 255kg (unofficial)
Ardblair Stones World Record: 9 stones in 22.18 seconds

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