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Meet "The White Wolf"

Professional MMA Fighter

Ashleigh has been a professional MMA fighter for over 10 years, in the last 4 years he has been combining teaching as well. With UK MMA fans Ash is a very popular figure, regularly featuring in a variety of MMA magazines and websites.
Ranked No. 4 in the UK featherweight rankings and current UCMMA FW Champion, The White Wolf holds significant victories over UFC veterans Vaughan Lee, Phil Harris and David Lee.
Ash uses his Judo background to unleash a mixture of powerful slams and takedowns, together with sharp stand-up skills.
The White Wolf has been training with the likes of Kieran Keddle (multiple muay thai champion), and Gary Logan; working his conditioning with Mark Findlay and the American Top Team, Miami.

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Muhdo helps The White Wolf stay at the top of his game by highlighting the important areas that can only be uncovered with a Muhdo DNA profile.

Ashleigh now understands where he has the upper hand against his opponents in this game of inches.


BJJ Black Belt under Jude Samuel
Judo brown belt
Cage Gladiators Champion
OMMAC Champion
UCMMA FW Champion
British Open BJJ silver medal winner
Medway Submission Championship Gold Medal winner
MMA record 19 wins 10 losses 1 draw (With 10 TKOs and 4 Submission wins)

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