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Have you got what it takes?

We’re looking for people to join our Ambassador programme and we would be delighted if you would consider joining us.


Our brilliant and passionate team of health, science and fitness nerds, have gained some serious momentum from sharing Muhdo with the world – particularly at this challenging time – and we now want to build on our success! Now is the time to make your health a priority!


Why not take a look at the Ambassadors that already trust in Muhdo…


Who are Muhdo?

Muhdo provide a complete GENETIC HEALTH ANALYSIS through Epigenetic and DNA testing (a simple saliva sample). We can tell you precisely what’s going on with your unique body, as dictated by your genetic make up.


All of the above can be accessed from your mobile phone in our dynamic app! Muhdo then tells you EXACTLY how you can make changes to live a healthier life with:


Explore Muhdo

Take a quick look at what Muhdo is about with our short social video.


You can also see all the areas we analyse by downloading the Muhdo app for free from the Apple or Google Play store and press “Explore”


Think about it…

All of this information can be accessed at the touch of button on your phone! Giving you the ability to be proactive about your health.


Did you know that being deficient in something as simple as vitamin D can lead to a low performing immune system, fatigue and tiredness, bone and back pain, depression, impaired wound healing, hair loss, bone loss and muscle pain? Maybe, but how many of us can see that we ARE DEFICIENT? This is just one of the many things that Muhdo reports currently and is in the works to provide even MORE health insights.


Muhdo’s genetic science is trusted by elite and professional athletes, as well as Olympians. Our tests can help EVERYONE reach their genetic health potential.


What’s next?

We want you to be part of the Muhdo Team! 


We’re offering giveaways, team perks, great ££ commission and you’ll also get to experience what the Muhdo product can do for you!


1) Let us know if you are interested in joining the team by firing back a quick email or clicking on the contact us button below…


2) We will be in touch with dates/times for our FIRST video conference onboarding!


We can’t wait to meet you and we hope you’re as excited as we are to get going!


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