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DNA 12

Unlock the Power of DNA and Epigenetic Testing for Lifelong Health

DNA 12 is a new monthly subscription service that enables you to gain access to new genetic health insights.  Discover your genetic predispositions to a range of health issues and understand through lifestyle, environment and nutrition changes how best to mitigate or manage any adverse effects.

Each month that your subscription is valid a new health mode is released to the Muhdo app that contains unique information about your genetic health.  In total, DNA 12 consists of 12 new health modes released over the course of your subscription.  For just £9.99 a month you can gain a wealth of additional health information all delivered directly to your phone.  Please watch the following video to find out more – the 12 health modes are outlined below.

To subscribe to DNA 12 simply login to the Muhdo app and select “DNA 12” and you will be taken to our new in-app subscription page.  You can manage and cancel your subscription at any time through your phone.



Cholesterol Heart Disease Atrial Fibrillation Hypertension


(Does not require questionnaire) No actual risk/no age of onset CCR5 Ancestry Sun Sensitivity

Hair Health

Baldness Alopecia Grey Hair Dry Hair


Wrinkles Dry Skin Acne Rosacea

Lung Health

Environmental Toxins Lung Function Asthma Respiratory Tract Infection


Fibromyalgia Physical Fatigue Brain Fog Activity Intolerance

Neuro Health

Headaches Neuropathies Reflexes Pain


Dopamine/ Reward Serotonin/ Happiness Anger OCD

Liver Health

Detoxification Fat Storage Alcohol Metabolism

Kidney Health

Detoxification Stones Kidney Function Stress and the Kidneys


Longevity Brain Age Bone Age Muscle Age

Intolerances/ Sensitivities


DNA Health


Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.

100+ DNA Health Insight Reports, plus a DNA aligned workout planner and My Training Area including a huge video library

DNA Transform


Go beyond genetics with Epigenetics. Track how your lifestyle affects your genes!

Our complete genetic wellness package, discover and lower your biological age and reverse the effects of cellular ageing

DNA 12


Uncover new Health and Wellbeing Insights with a monthly subscription to DNA 12.

Over 40 new health aspects are available – with new aspects released each month for the duration of your subscription.

Face + Brain


Discover 12 key skincare factors using the latest AI technology. Improve your skins health and appearance.

Calculate the rate your brain and cognitive health are functioning and perform regular Brain training exercises.