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Follow these simple steps to a fitter, healthier you!

Order your Muhdo DNA profiling kit from the Muhdo online shop. Your order will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours by first class post. Congratulations, you have started your journey to a fitter, healthier you!

Complete a simple, painless swab test and send it back to us in the prepaid (UK only) envelope. Our Nutrigenetic experts analyse the data and create a detailed report which you can view on the Muhdo user dashboard.

Our dashboard displays personalised health, fitness and nutritional recommendations based on your DNA profile. These can be further refined by choosing one of four health modes to align to your fitness goal.

We do not charge a monthly fee - our advice, recipe recommendations, workout plans and lifestyle advice is completely free. You can buy your DNA kit using a debit or credit card. We also offer a payment plan over 10 months.


Get fit, lose weight, build muscle, feel great.



The MUHDO YOU interactive dashboard uses sophisticated AI to understand and support you in achieving your health goals. The rich, informative, interactive experience allows you to switch between health goals (modes) and then MUHDO YOU recalibrates its nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice in real time.

The MUHDO FIT FOR LIFE mode is aimed at people who want to be healthy without going to the gym by recommending health and nutritional changes to increase energy, focus and body health to improve your quality of life.

The MUHDO FAT LOSS mode helps you lose fat sustainably by recommending a range of health, fitness and nutritional changes that align to your genetic profile to help you reduce, manage and maintain your body fat and weight.

The MUHDO FITNESS & ENDURANCE mode helps you build fitness, endurance and speed by recommending a range of health, fitness and nutritional changes that align to your genetic profile to help improve overall performance.

The MUHDO MUSCLE BUILDER mode helps you build muscle, improve strength and get leaner by recommending a range of workout adjustments and micro and macro nutritional changes that align to your genetic profile.


World's Strongest Man

Eddie is a force of nature. Recently crowned the world’s strongest man, he continues to confound the world with his intense training sessions and his sheer strength and power. His commitment to extreme training puts his body under enormous pressure and Muhdo has been helping Eddie with his diet, nutrition and recovery plan both pre and post workout to ensure his training is as effective as possible. Muhdo has also worked with Eddie to help reduce his inflammation and ATP recovery which strengthens his bone density and is critical in reducing the risk of injury.

British Gold Medal Olympian

Sam had already reached the pinnacle of her sporting achievements when she was introduced to Muhdo. However, since working with us, Sam now has a health and fitness regime to support her busy lifestyle. As Sam transitions from competing at the highest level in sport to building her business and future it is comforting to know that she now has healthy genetic habits that will pay dividends in later life. Sam commented…”I’ve always been fit and taken my training and health seriously but now I can feel great and make room in my life for other things that I want to achieve.”

Team Wiggins Cyclist

Joey is a rising star in British cycling. Former European junior champion, Joey now rides for Team Wiggins. Muhdo had the opportunity to work with Joey early in his career and after profiling his DNA we established his nutrition habits and hydration protocols were at best ‘sub-optimal’. Muhdo recommended changes to his diet, supplementation and hydration. Recently, Joey thrashed his personal best by thirty seconds over a ten mile distance. Whilst much of this was down to his commitment and effort, an element of his improved performance can be attributed to Muhdo.

Director at RBS

Mark is a senior director at RBS with a stressful, high-octane job. Mark is also a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly. His genetic profile identified that he was over exercising and would benefit from a reduced training schedule to allow his body to fully recover between training sessions. Mark also benefited from our micronutrient analysis that identified the necessary co-factors he needs to supplement his balanced diet to ensure his genetic functions are operating effectively. Mark said… “It’s amazing, I’m actually exercising less frequently and feeling better.”


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