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Track your internal health and take control of your DNA

Muhdo works with specialists from across the globe to bring you the world’s first epigenetic tracking product. We understand how your day to day lifestyle affects your body at a genetic level.

We combine your DNA profile together with changes in your gene expression which is impacted by changes in your lifestyle, diet and environment. Helping you to reach your health goals through sustainable changes.

  • The World’s first Epigenetic tracking test
  • Our DNA profiling is the most conclusive available today
  • We provide 300+ reports on 1,000 analysed genetic areas. More than any other test!
  • Hyper-personalised nutrition and training plan
  • Use your genetic make-up to understand and meet your health goals

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To begin your Muhdo journey and reach your health goals

Achieve Your Health Goals

Using your DNA health test and our sophisticated machine learning we tailor your personalised meal and workout plan to align with your genetic profile.

Unlock Your Genetic Potential

A New Aspect About Your Health Released Each Month!

Find out what your genes tell you about yourself and see how you can make them work for you. Browse through the 10 important aspects about your health unlocked with a Muhdo profile.


Track your inner health

Your Chance To Be At The Forefront Of Health Science

At Muhdo we believe the true measure of health is on the inside: our ‘inner health’. You are born with your genetic makeup, but did you know you can affect your genes through your lifestyle? Epigenetics is essentially the study of gene expression – the activation and deactivation of genes. This helps us to provide the most personalised set of results available today!

Learn More About Epigenetics

How Epigenetic Tracking Can Help You

Your diet, exercise, stress and environmental situation can cause some of your genes to be turned on or off. Tracking this gene expression can have an impact on your health and fitness and influencing disease and illness prevention.

We use advanced DNA and epigenetic science that allows us to look deep into your body make-up to help you understand, act upon and track your inner health. Take a look below at what you can track with a Muhdo epigenetics kit.

The majority of us will be completely unaware that we actually have two ages. Chronological age, which is the exact number of years that you have been alive and biological age, which is a true reflection of how your cells are ageing and how they have been affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

Your eyes are extremely complex. They require a variety of nutrients to keep them healthy and reduce the chances of sight diminishing over time and any age-related eye diseases. Fundamentally there are two main areas that you need to improve to try and negate eye degeneration which are inflammation and oxidisation, which both play a crucial part for sustaining your eye health, as well as other key nutrients.

Memory is how we encode information that has been stored in the brain. It’s a processing system that is imperative to everyday life. It is often split into working (short-term) memory and long-term memory. Memory is essential as it allows the retention of information over time and thus allowing us to learn, develop language, personality and relationships with others.

Presbycusis is a complex condition and the most common type of hearing loss in adults worldwide. Hearing loss and ageing of the ear is unfortunately a natural process, which can also be accelerated by a variety of environmental factors from prescription drugs to over exposure to noise, as well as having a certain genetic component.

Mental stress is a form of psychological pain and while it is mostly considered negative, it’s often required and can be beneficial in helping athletes to reach their goals, improving motivation and aiding the body in adapting to a certain environment. Excessive psychological stress, however, is negative. Acutely, it can cause panic and chronic stress can eventually lead to psychological and physical harm.

Trusted by Top Athletes

From a range of elite sport stars to people wanting to know more about how they can use their genetic profile to stay healthy.
Muhdo is helping you to become genetically enhanced! Find out more about our Ambassadors by clicking here.

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