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The future of corporate health
is in your hands

At Muhdo we believe the future of corporate health is digital.


We’ve built an award-winning, comprehensive health program that is app based and encompasses hyper-personalised preventive programs seamlessly combined with a doctor-on-call support 24/7 system – all for as little as 10p per day.


Through genetic science, Muhdo Health can help at every stage of life from pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, adulthood to old retirement.


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Holistic Health and Wellbeing
Why Now?

COVID-19 has provoked a profound, systemic shock, nobody and no business has been untouched. Change has been forced upon us.


Now is an opportunity to create a new health ecosystem that recognises the limits of the past curative (PMI) dominated programs, one that is designed to truly embrace head-on the challenges of mental health and at the same time improves productivity, empowers employees and saves money.

Digital Health

We believe prevention is better and cheaper than cure. The Muhdo Health app is powered by genetics and AI, so the recommendations for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are hyper-personalised to the individual for more effective and efficient outcomes.



If a user does feel ill or needs support then there is an on-line doctor available 24/7. This on-line doctor is the gateway to an extensive curative ecosystem.

Muhdo Corporate Health
& Wellness Ecosystem

Muhdo integrates health and wellbeing at the organisational level. While at the personal level, Muhdo considers all the following risk factors that can lead to poor worker health:


• Physical
• Psychological
• Social
• Occupational
• Lifestyle


Muhdo provides a fully interactive preventive and curative solution, available 24/7 with no requirement for internal management. We avoid the trap of a ‘one-off’ perk, so the worker is able to measure results and deliver outcomes in real time.


A genetic health profile addresses a range of personal risk factors that include excess weight, inactivity, issues associated with ageing, nutrition and emotions.


Our engaging genetic health insights provide motivation for reduced reliance on clinical interventions and medication, together with lessening the pressure of worker sickness absence and associated costs.

Employer Benefits

Investing in personalised, technology-based healthcare solutions while fostering a culture of wellbeing will help set employers apart, enabling them to build a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce.


We partner with you to create a workforce health strategy that will:


• Improve productivity
• Focus on health and wellbeing
• Save money
• Attract and retain talent


We have extensive research in the above areas and are happy to share our results in a free consultation.

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Employee Benefits

We help you make a positive difference to your talent base by enabling them to take control of their health and improve their wellbeing. Their health dashboard is completely personalised to them and they can process the results at their time and pace.


Our program generates an autonomous and motivated health culture by empowering workers to be in control of their own health while also providing a platform for social engagement that workers can use to discuss, compare and even compete through.


We empower and inspire your employees to address health issues before they arise or rectify areas of concern with our On-Call Doctor feature. The Muhdo health dashboard helps individuals live younger for longer.

Customised Programmes
Designed For Your Needs

We have a variety of options that we feel are right for any business no matter what size or sector. If you’re serious about your employee’s health and wellbeing we are here to help. We’ll be happy to talk you through the solution that is right for your organisation to get the most out of your workforce.


Below are just a few options that could suit your organisation. 

DNA & Epigenetics

DNA and Epigenetics covers the basics of what Muhdo offers. Although it is just the basics, your employees will be receiving the most personalised health recommendations available and you will have access to detailed BI and MI reporting.

DNA & Epigenetics with On-Call Doctor

Together with all the benefits of genetic health analysis Option 2 allows your workforce to have access to an On-Call Doctor 24/7/365. A doctor at your fingertips removes the stress of making appointments and arranging time away from work.

Everything included

On top of our DNA and Epigenetics solution with On-Call Doctor you will have access to:


Physiotherapy and sports Injuries – assessment and treatment via telephone and video calling
Corrective exercise/Sports Therapy – assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions via telephone and video calling
Functional Rehabilitation – an evidenced based alternative to many musculoskeletal conditions and available on a 1-2-1 basis or group sessions
Counselling and CBT – assessment and treatment via telephone, on-line, supported on-line and video calling
Nutrition – assessment and guidance on nutritional influences on conditions such as: digestive disorders; chronic conditions; stress, anxiety and depression that can be caused by food; and musculoskeletal disorders that can be aggravated by food and drink

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Telephone: 01473 232 428

Our Partners

Below are just some of the companies we work with. We are partnered with a varied range of businesses, from health trusts to a leading global provider of employee health. We’re positive that we can help your workforce too. 

To discuss your requirements further please contact:


Nathan Berkley

CEO Muhdo Health

+44 1473 232428