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Get seen by a GP when you need it

Beat the queues and speak to an experienced GP 24/7

Can you get a GP appointment?

The average wait to see your local NHS GP is over 2 weeks! But we can’t schedule when we’re going to be sick.

We’re all fully aware of the importance of our health, especially in these trying times. That’s why Muhdo has focused on providing our customers with an add on to their DNA results that really adds value! Your health is the most important thing – make sure you look after it the best way you can.

With Muhdo’s On-Call Doctor you can consult a registered UK GP via messagecall or video chat. Unlimited access 24/7 wherever you are.

World class experience

Muhdo use the most experienced provider of private GP services in the UK and RoI. Medical Solutions have been advancing the primary care experience since 1998, and they currently serve 4 million people.

"Our aim is to support our members, keeping them healthy by providing convenient, simple access to primary care solutions whenever they need it and wherever they are"

Medical Solutions has over 20 years’ experience providing world class GP access to the UK public. Gain unlimited access to a UK registered GP wherever and whenever you are!
Over 40% of the consultations provided by Medical Solution last over 10 minutes, so you know you are reaching a doctor that truly listens to you.

So How Does It Work?

Simply add Video On-Call Doctor to your cart when you purchase one of our DNA or epigenetic kits. 
Alternatively, if you are an existing customer you can purchase Video On-Call Doctor after your initial purchase.
If you ever need to use the service, select Book On Call Doctor in the Muhdo app and follow the instructions to book an appointment. You’ll be asked a few security questions to ensure your data is safe and then you can choose how you want to speak with your GP.
You can have a voice callvideo chat or simply message your GP – it’s entirely up to you. Your doctor will call or message you back at a time that is convenient for you.