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Immune Boosters: Omega 3

Unsaturated fats basically fall into 2 main groups: Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Monounsaturated fat is found in a variety of foods from olive oil, nuts and seeds, and have many positive health benefits associated with them. These include protection from free radical build up due to oxidation damage within the body, to improving your immune system […]

Immune Boosters: Zinc

Zinc may be a less familiar mineral than iron, calcium or magnesium, but it’s still extremely important to consume in small amounts every day to support metabolism and maintain your health. Zinc has a variety of important functions such as improved immune, hormone and regeneration capabilities. Deficiency can cause an array of symptoms such as […]

Immune Boosters: Vitamin D

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin, which is actually a hormone that has many positive health benefits, such as the enhancement of immune cells and controls around 900 genes, or 1/24 of your entire genome. Research is clearly demonstrating the importance of Vitamin D on our health; and unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency affects almost 50% […]

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Immune Boosters: B Vitamins

Keeping your immune system as healthy as possible is critical. During these unprecedented times it is more at the forefront of your mind. What should you be eating? What does your body need? Am I genetically predisposed to certain deficiencies? Our Immune Boosters series continues with the B vitamin complex. B vitamins – are made […]

Immune Boosters: Vitamin A

Now is the time to really start to look at your health and how you can help your body be the best it can be. Health should be our first priority, so we’re going to give you our specialist knowledge with a series of Immune Booster tips. We start with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is […]

S.A.D. To See The Sun Go?

With autumn in full swing and the nights closing in rapidly, it won’t be long before the clocks change plunging us all into darkness for the next 6 months. We ask the question “Are you S.A.D. to see the sun go?” – and do the winter months have an effect on your mental and emotional […]

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