DNA & Epigenetics Profiling Kit

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  • Find out your biological age
  • Track your internal health (stress, inflammation and hypertension) twice a year
  • Discover the impact of pollution on your health on a daily basis
  • Achieve your health goals efficiently and sustainably
  • Choose one of four modes to align to your health goal
  • Unlock a new aspect about your health each month
  • View personalised health and fitness recommendations aligned to your genetic profile
  • Our free Meal Planner generates a personalised meal plan based around your food preferences and your eating habits – all tuned to your activity level, personal goal and genetic profile
  • Our free Workout Planner generates a personalised workout plan based around your availability and the duration of your sessions. We align your plan to your personal goal, your level of experience and your genetic profile



The world’s first internal and genetic health tracking solution

Compare your actual age to your true biological and internal age

Track your internal health and the genes which affect your eyes, hearing and memory twice per year

Discover how pollution affects your health and genes on a daily basis

The most conclusive genetic test with 1,000 genetic areas analysed

300+ health reports looking at vitamins, physical health, diet, sleep, anti-ageing, stress, gut health, plus many more!

Hyper-personalised meal and workout planner

Understand and meet your health goals using your genetic makeup