DNA profiling+Epigenetic tracking

today and 11 months payment of £19.99
  • Find out your biological age
  • Track your internal health (stress, inflammation and hypertension) twice a year
  • Discover the impact of pollution on your health on a daily basis
  • Achieve your health goals efficiently and sustainably
  • Choose one of four modes to align to your health goal
  • Unlock a new aspect about your health each month
  • View personalised health and fitness recommendations aligned to your genetic profile
  • Our free Meal Planner generates a personalised meal plan based around your food preferences and your eating habits – all tuned to your activity level, personal goal and genetic profile
  • Our free Workout Planner generates a personalised workout plan based around your availability and the duration of your sessions. We align your plan to your personal goal, your level of experience and your genetic profile