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Muhdo’s DNA profile looks at 1,000 genetic areas (SNPs) and provides over 300 reports based on your genetic makeup. The most conclusive DNA profile available today and more than any other DNA profiling offer. Their product is driven by global leaders in the fields of genetics, nutrition and physiology. This expert input is shown through your DNA results and in the Muhdo mobile app. Your mobile app includes FREE a DNA aligned workout planner and specific nutrition guide with meal planners. Muhdo is also the first company in the world to bring Epigenetic tracking to the consumer, making it possible for everyone to track their internal health at a genetic level. With epigenetic tracking you will learn your biological age and how to improve it – keeping you young on the inside.

2-3 weeks. Muhdo has the most advanced and comprehensive analysis of any genetics health and fitness company worldwide, so it takes a while. They are working hard to get their turnaround time down so check when ordering. Epigenetics tests take a little longer due to the complex science involved.

Epigenetics controls how your genes behave. You are born with your genetic makeup, but you can affect your epigenetics through your lifestyle.

Muhdo’s DNA profiling looks at a particular subset of 1,000 genetic areas specific to human health that affect our fitness characteristics, injury risks, micro and macro nutrient metabolism, mental health, sleep patterns and much more. From this analysis of your saliva sample Muhdo can provide over 300 genetic health reports. Your genetic makeup does not change over time.

Epigenetics essentially controls the behaviour of your genes. Your genetic makeup is your blueprint at birth, your epigenetics can be changed through your lifestyle. Epigenetic tracking allows you to have never before insights into your Biological Age, as well as your Hearing, Eye, Memory and Inflammation Health.Muhdo will also give you expert insights in how to improve these results so when you provide more samples you can actively see improvements over time!

We all know that eating a balanced diet is important for our health.  Still, each year, millions of people use weight loss products, slimming aids, plans and diets that just can’t be maintained. Understanding your genetics is the key to having a safe, sustainable diet that is tailored for your individual needs and how you respond to certain food groups.  Your unique genetic code can give you answers to important dietary and nutritional questions, such as:


Are you extra sensitive to weight gain with simple carbohydrate intake?

Should your fat intake be lowered, or even increased?

How well do you use protein?

Will unsaturated fats actually decrease your fat mass, even if your calories increase?

We actually have two ages: Chronological age and biological age.

Your chronological age is the exact number of years that you have been alive. Whereas your biological age is the true reflection of how your cells are ageing. Your biological age and internal health can be affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

Muhdo’s bioinformatics and science teams have identified the genes – as well as the specific biomarkers which sit upon them – that correlate to cellular ageing.

Epigenetics is currently used for scientific discovery and to support elite athletes. Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer an epigenetics profiling programme direct to consumers for monitoring epigenetics on a regular basis.

Epigenetics is the process by which the DNA methyltransferase (MTase) family of enzymes catalyze the transfer of a methyl group to DNA. When the methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule, it can change the activity of a DNA segment (like a mutation) without changing the sequence inherited from parents. Although your DNA does not change, MTase disrupts the activity of a DNA segment so it behaves in a different way, either amplifying positive change or mitigating negative potential.

In the event that your sample is lost in transit, Muhdo is happy to send you a replacement kit free of charge. Should you suspect, that your sample was never received by Muhdo, please get in touch with them as soon as possible. This might be the case, if you have not heard anything from Muhdo within 2 weeks after sending your sample back to them. In case of more than 2 lost samples, Muhdo might ask you for an alternative address to send the replacement kit to.

All Muhdo’s customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First  their customers are anonymous in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock their data, and have it displayed on their private health dashboard. Secondly all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So, if anyone were to capture Muhdo’s data it would be both anonymous and encrypted. Thirdly, they store customer genetic data on their secure AWS servers. Finally, Muhdo are compliant with the highly stringent European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).