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Get To Know The True You
Personalised Health Insights On Your Phone
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Make better decisions.
Be Mindful of the most important things.
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Your Complete Genetic Wellness Package
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Get To Know The True You
Personalised Health Insights On Your Phone
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Make better decisions.
Be Mindful of the most important things.
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Your Complete Genetic Wellness Package
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Optima has partnered with Muhdo Health to offer this exclusive opportunity.

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Actionable Genetic Insights To A Healthier You

Now is the time to take your health journey to the next level with a complete wellness solution from Muhdo in partnership with Optima.


Gain access to expert advice trusted by elite athletes and people looking to make a difference to their health.

Your complete wellbeing
toolkit for life is just a step away.

Protect your health.

We Look at 1000 markers

Powerful DNA analysis laser focused on your health!

Focus On Your Future

Understand and improve your genetic age. Slow the ageing process.

Strengthen Your Immunity

Boost your immune system by unlocking your DNA...

Unique Health Insights

Discover exactly what your body needs from one saliva sample

Train Smarter Not Harder

Our DNA-aligned Workout Planner will help you reach your goals!

Advance Your Nutrition

Build your own personalised DNA Diet aligned just for you.

Discover More With Health Insights


Immune Function
Vitamin D and Immunity
B Vitamins and Immunity
Selenium and Immunity
PTPN22 and Immunity

Gut Health

Gluten Intolerance
Gut Irritability
Gum (Oral) Health
Stress and Gut Health
Caffeine and Gut Health

Heart Health

Irregular Heart Rate
Genetic High Blood Pressure
Salt Causing High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol LDL/HDL Imbalance
Cardiovascular Health issues

60+ Reports

Get to know so much more about your body and how you can use your genetic makeup to keep you as healthy as you can be! Personalised reports and advice!

Your DNA Health At Your Fingertips


Get to know important areas of your health affected by your genetic makeup. Such as your genetic risk of infections (colds and flu). See all reports to find out more.


Your DNA profile looks at many different areas in relation to your diet. From how your body responds to carbohydrates to your risk of being lactose intolerant, with many more in between.

Vitamin Reports

Vitamins are critically important to your health and wellbeing. You will receive 13 reports detailing your specific health risks to being deficient in vital micronutrients, including iron and vitamin B12.

Physical Reports

Understanding how your body performs the best can make the difference in your exercise or training plan. Discovering your anaerobic threshold ability and injury risk can help you reach your potential quicker.

Supplement Reports

Supplements are a great way to add extra nutrients to your health plan. Your DNA report will highlight how your body responds to certain supplements, such as BCAAs and creatine.

Look To The Future With Epigenetics


Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.


Your eyes are extremely complex and require a variety of nutrients to keep them healthy. Use Muhdo’s epigenetic test to find and track how healthy your eyes are.


Memory is essential as it allows us to learn, develop language, personality and relationships. Discover how your memory compares to your chronological age and track improvements with epigenetic testing.


Certain genetic components can accelerate hearing loss, find out how healthy your hearing actually is and track improvements over time.


Inflammation can lead to illness and disease. Understanding your inflammation score can help you put into place interventions to reduce harmful inflammation which causes ill health.

Your DNA Diet

Our DNA contains all the information and programming that facilitates biological growth and repair; fights infection and illness and aids the normal function of vital organs like our heart, brain and gut.


Your DNA will also affect the way you digest and absorb your food, and more importantly the crucial vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats contained within your food, which in many instances will be the reason or reasons why you haven’t achieved your health or fitness goal.


Your DNA Diet is personalised and designed from 3 main factors:


Your personal information is required – gender, age, activity, food preferences and/or allergies. For the most accurate results we will combine this with your goals, such as losing weight, gaining muscle or improving wellbeing or fitness.


DNA results taken from your nutrigenetic risk score from each macronutrient (Unsaturated fats, saturated fats, fibre, sugars, other carbohydrates and proteins).


DNA results taken from your nutrigenetic risk score for certain micronutrients (vitamins A, D, E, K, B (complex), C, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, specific amino acids, etc.)
Once you have inputted your personal data, it is then aligned with your nutrigenetic score and goal. Your meal recommendations are then taken from a menu that includes hundreds of recipes for all lifestyles and requirements.

Why Is A Genetic Diet Better?

We all know that eating a balanced diet is important for our health. Still, each year, millions of people use weight loss products, slimming aids, plans and diets that just can’t be maintained. Understanding your genetics is the key to having a safe, sustainable diet that is tailored for your individual needs and how you respond to certain food groups.


Your unique genetic code can give you answers to important dietary and nutritional questions, such as:

Whatever your health or fitness goal is for this year, from losing weight, gaining muscle or improving your health and fitness a DNA Diet can help provide the foundations, information and guidance that is both clear, concise. But most importantly it provides an actionable plan for you to follow each day.

Unlock The Reports. See The Benefits.

The dynamic app gives you 24/7 access to your genetic health risks, gifts and deficiencies. Genetically enhanced on the go!

Expert recommendations to reverse the ageing process with reports on Anti-Ageing, Skin Health, Gut Health and Sleep.

Personalised reports to ensure your immune system is as healthy as it can be to fight off viruses and illness.

Have you ever wondered if what you’re eating and how your exercising is really right for you? Have you struggled to reach your health goals despite doing “all the right things“?


Your DNA reports can hold the key to healthier future! Combined with our world leading epigenetic service you’ll have access to our most comprehensive Wellness Package.

Backed by renowned genetic scientists, published scientific research and professionally experienced nutritionists and personal trainers.