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How Can Muhdo Help Me With My Health & Wellbeing?

Muhdo operates on the grounding that we are all similar BUT different, we know that eating “healthy” or moving more will improve our health as a whole but Muhdo looks into the small aspects that make us different our DNA and the way DNA responds to our environment and lifestyle (epigenetics). Through lifestyle interventions introduced with DNA testing and measurements with epigenetic tracking Muhdo allows you to control and see changes even at the smallest level all adding up to a healthier version of yourself.

What is meant by wellbeing?

Well-being is a term that is growing in popularity, but it may not be clear what it actually means. Being comfortable, healthy or happy is the broad definition of well-being. However, well-being incorporates much more than fleeting comfort or happiness. A more specific interpretation includes how people evaluate their lives as a whole through quality of life and experiences. Health is generally considered to consist of physical and mental health, and well-being.

Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms allow you to change your goals whenever you want. So if you’re not sure Health and Wellbeing is the objective for you, feel free to take a look at the other Health Goals you can achieve with Muhdo and your own genetic makeup.

We believe if you follow our recommendations based on your genetic profile you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

There are five types of wellbeing:

Emotional wellbeing: Decreasing stress and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour is central to emotional wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing: Healthy eating and good exercise habits aid physical well-being through improving the functioning of your body.

Social wellbeing: Developing meaningful relationships through the ability to communicate and creating a healthy support network.

Workplace wellbeing: Finding your purpose and pursuing your interests, passions and values is pivotal to workplace wellbeing.

Environmental wellbeing: Understand your impact on the environment and protect yourself against environmental toxins.

In general the best ways to improve wellbeing are to: de-stress, exercise, eat well, moderate drink and drugs , sleep well and enjoy life, failings in any of these areas can lead to small changes in our body’s makeup that may not be noticeable until they become illnesses or injuries. Muhdo allows you to track small changes with epigenetics to take control of these aspects before problems occur as well as give advice on how to live a healthier and happier life.

If you can’t measure it the you can’t improve it is an age-old adage that perfectly aligns and, in many ways, helps to explain the new branch of science that is epigenetics.

Epigenetics allows you to actively monitor your internal health at a cellular level and genetic level.

Your gene variant do not change over the entirety of your life from the day that you are born to the day that you die.

But what does change is the way that your gene express themselves and function, which will obviously have a huge effect on your health and wellbeing.

Your lifestyle and environment will have a direct effect on little chemicals markers that sit above and, in many instances, control your genes function in a process called methylation.

Muhdo analyses hundreds of thousand biomarkers sitting just above your genes, which will allow us to then better understand and ascertain as to how your lifestyle such as your diet and exercise as well as your environment will be affecting your health and wellbeing.

This can be both extremely complex and in the same breath simplistic to understand, and in many ways a yin/yang type of relationship is required.

Many factors from lifestyle as well as environmental with obviously come in to play with regards to improving mental as well as physical health.

From your diet and how well you are sleeping, to how stressful your day at work has been or how often you are on social media. All of the above will both individually as well as collectively add or possibly subtract a piece from your health and wellbeing puzzle.

In general, both health and wellbeing can be used interchangeably, however, strictly speaking health on its own is often looked upon as the absence of illness or injury whereas well-being can be looked upon as a state where a person feels satisfied, happy and in general. In which case it is better to use the terms as one “health & wellbeing” rather than concentrating on one term, it could be said that health is more measurable than wellbeing due to wellbeing being more subjective.

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300+ reports tailored to your DNA

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Meet your health goals using your genetic makeup

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Over 1,000 snips analysed

300+ reports tailored to your DNA

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Meet your health goals using your genetic makeup

DNA Profiling Kit


Over 1,000 snips analysed

300+ reports tailored to your DNA

Hyper-personalised nutrition and training plan

Meet your health goals using your genetic makeup

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