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Fitness & Endurance

How Muhdo can improve your endurance fitness?

With a Muhdo profile you will have access to the app dashboard that will break down key areas, such as nutrition, training and recovery.

Answer a few simple questions and receive a meal planner and a workout planner aligned to your DNA and your health goal.

Genetically matched workout planner

Your workout planner looks at:

  • Amount of training days and times
  • Rest days
  • Recovery times
  • Time under tension
  • Sets, reps and variety of different
    training methods
  • Wellness and recovery

How can epigenetics help me improve Fitness & Endurance?

Increased inflammation can lead to longer lasting injuries, overtraining and illness which all have a knock-on effect to training and fitness. Epigenetic data shows how the environment is affecting our genes, certain changes in the epigenome can lead to increased inflammation.

Track your inner health as you improve
your fitness.

Learn more about epigenetics >

What is Fitness & Endurance?

Endurance fitness is the ability to sustain a physical activity for a lengthened period of time. This can vary on the event or sport that you are involved in.

DNA Health


100+ health reports from 1,000 analysed genetic markers. Includes Workout Planner and Meal Guide aligned to your DNA. 4 dynamic health objectives to help you achieve your goals. All in a unique mobile app.

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Biological Age &
Epigenetic Profile


Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it. Unlock the secrets of your inflammation, eye, hearing and memory health. Track your genetic health. Plus, a FREE DNA profile!

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