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The DNA Reports

Explore the huge range of reports that you will have at your fingertips.

What Are The DNA Reports?

With any DNA Kit from Muhdo you will receive access to a raft of reports that will better equip you for whatever lies ahead. 


Learn how your body responds to certain foods. Use information about genetic weaknesses to plan ahead. Understand about your personal exercise recovery times. And be a master of vitamin and supplement combinations tailored to you.


Read on for every single report you can have about your body, life and health.


Dein DNA Profil untersucht viele verschiedene Bereiche im Bezug auf deine Ernährung. Angefangen bei der Reaktion deines Körpers auf Kohlehydrate bis hin zum genetisches Risiko für Laktoseintoleranz mit vielen weiteren dazwischen.


Get to know important areas of your health affected by your genetic makeup. Such as your genetic risk of infections (colds and flu). See all reports on the shop page to find out more.

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Understanding how your body performs the best can make the difference in your exercise or training plan. Discovering your anaerobic threshold ability and injury risk can help you reach your potential quicker.


Vitamins are critically important to your health and wellbeing. You will receive 13 reports detailing your specific health risks to being deficient in vital micronutrients, including iron and vitamin B12.

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Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind grossartig um zusätzliche Nährstoffe zu deinem Gesundheitsplan hinzuzufügen. Dein DNA Profil zeigt dir, wie dein Körper auf bestimmte Ergänzungsmittel wie BCAAs oder Kreatin reagiert.


Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.


Take your DNA further with more insights and more real life recommendations.


Go beyond genetics with Epigenetics. Track how your lifestyle affects your genes!