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What’s the Crack with Eggs and Cholesterol?

Unfortunately, the medical dogma of saturated fats and cholesterol being the root of all evil and extremely bad for us is still prevalent. Giving birth to the world of trans fats, such as margarine, which will cause your cells to become stiff, increasing inflammation and accelerating ageing. The cholesterol myth is killing thousands of people […]

Retinol: The buzz word in skincare, but is it in your diet?

Skincare is important, but ultimately your skin health and beauty will be affected by your genes. Vitamin A is more than just a single nutrient. It’s a broad group of related nutrients each providing us with an array of health benefits. Retinoids are made up of retinol, retinal, retinoic acid and retinyl esters, which can […]

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Muhdo’s Virus Risk Score

Your credit score is calculated in a logical way. Lots of specific areas, among which your credit history, income, monthly outgoings and whether you’re on the electoral role will feed into an algorithm. This algorithm then calculates your credit rating. If we apply the same methodology to how your immune system works, it will give you a […]

Can your DNA and nutrition unlock the fountain of youth?

Anti-aging and genetics are closely linked and one of the key master regulators is a gene named FOXO3. FOXO3 is named the longevity gene and regulates your stress response and resistance. Aging is happening to us all the time. It happens from normal metabolism, as well as every time you have something to eat. Converting […]

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How to avoid a Vitamin B12 deficiency on a vegan diet

Vitamin B12, as the name suggests, is part of the B complex of vitamins. These are involved in energy metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and the development and normal functionality of the brain and nervous system. B12 is fairly unique and includes the following: Unlike other B vitamins, no plant or animal can […]

Immune Boosters: Selenium

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that as previously mentioned is an extremely important antioxidant, which prevents cellular and subcellular lipids and fats from being peroxidised, meaning it prevents body fats from going rancid, which are seen externally as “Age and Liver spots”. If you have a high intake of polyunsaturated oils such as those […]


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