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Anti-aging and genetics are closely linked and one of the key master regulators is a gene named FOXO3. FOXO3 is named the longevity gene and regulates your stress response and resistance.

Aging is happening to us all the time. It happens from normal metabolism, as well as every time you have something to eat. Converting the food you eat each day into energy will create reactive products that can react and damage your DNA. If the DNA is not repaired this can lead to mutations, which may lead to illness and disease, and will also speed up that dreaded aging process.

Aging and the FOXO3 gene

Luckily FOXO3 activates genes that repair DNA damage, as well as genes that are involved in making sure that a cell that has been damaged dies. FOXO3 also activates the expression of anti-oxidant genes, which serve a function similar to eating foods high in anti-oxidants. But the health and expression of these genes is far more important to your health and far outweighs the consumption of any anti-oxidant foods.

How to activate the longevity gene

We can all activate FOXO3 with a few key nutrients or lifestyle changes, here are a few tips:

EGCG that is found in white and green tea will increase the expression of FOXO3 as will quercetin in white onions.

Heat stress that is found in saunas will also activate FOXO3 as saunas help the expression and activation of HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins), which help repair damaged DNA and proteins.

An interesting study in Finland found that men who had a sauna 2-3 x per week had a 24% fall in mortality rate, cardiovascular disease, cancer and chances of stroke. Another way to increase these HSPs is light exercise, as raising the core temperature will help activate them.

Is the fountain of youth in your DNA?

As we’ve read above, it is possible to improve longevity and repair damaged DNA from the aging process. The key to unlocking the fountain of youth is understanding your genetic makeup and being mindful of your nutrition and exercise. A DNA health profile will help you to make the choices your body needs to stay as youthful as possible.


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